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Cartoon Music

Last year I had a small US East Coast tour, and on the last day I spent in Philly, I started jamming on the toy piano with Chris and we came up with this very cartoonish sound.

Now one year later, we decided to start a cross-continental Lisbon/New York band,
Jablani i Igrushki! It's Russian and translates to "Apples and Toys". Maybe there will be a Baltic Tour 2010, as we have a 1st scheduled gig in Estonia in May!

Anima-te! Festival 2009

Nintendo Contest

(this should be played as a loop)


Kevin Blechdom & Barnwave @ ZDB

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lord Baka #2

O Boato

This was made in collaboration with Tiago Albuquerque in 2006 for Revista Cais, in which I drew the characters, and Tiago composed the images with the backgrounds and added the colours. The text was written by António Lameira, and the title translates to "The Rumour".